Pabu-ki-dhani is currently restructuring. We can't welcome tourists for the moment.


Pabu Ki Dhani is our home place for an ethical form of tourism.


Born in december 2010 to give visitors the chance of discovering the desert in its authenticity.


Pabu Ki Dhani supports our NGO Malenbaï by providing great help for desert communities.



The village is located in the Thar desert, 28 kms away from Jaisalmer city.







You are invited to come and share the daily life of a traditional desert farm by:



- cooking your food on a real fire


- taking care of animals (camels, goats..)


- observing wild animals and their footprints


- having dinner around the fire while listening to great desert songs by local people.








Excursions that promote solidarity tourism can be organized to visit artisans in nearby villages.



Camel rides to discover part of the desert are also possible.


This form of tourism supports the local desert people and their vital needs, and helps keep their culture from sinking into oblivion.